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Blissiva Coverage In Australia

What's up, Australia?! As a PROUD Maryland-based business, we're so pumped and honored to see Blissiva making waves down undah!! Not only is our amazing Balance Pen designed especially for women, it’s designed specifically to help relieve the effects of anxiety. We know what it’s like to maintain a full time job, manage kids, drink 8 glasses of water, exercise, look great, and so much more. We also know what’s it like to be biologically hard-wired to have a more prevalent Flight or Fight (or Freeze!) response than our awesome male companions, which is why we created this pen. Read more at Stockhead>>


A Star Is Born

Ok, ok, we aren’t talking about Bradley and Lady Gaga, although we of course loved that too. We’re talking about how The Balance Pen launched in Maryland in October! Thanks, BBJ for the coverage :-D