Making Moves. Making News.

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CBD Lube Slides Into Home

The Horizontal at Dame mentioned Dr. Apgar and Blissiva while discussing the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD on pelvic floor muscles during their Lube Week. We’re here to help, serve, and educate for your pleasure. Read the goods here>>


Females * NOT * High and Dry

If you could replace your glass of wine at night, cut those calories, and feel better without being impaired, wouldn’t you say hell yes? We created the Blissiva Pen for women, and the Romper article nails the details! Read the full article here>>


Bridging The Gap

Our interview on the podcast covers our story of overcoming industry obstacles, finding success as cannabis entrepreneurs, bringing the cannabis and women’s medicine relationship closer, and more! Listen to the podcast here>>


Quite the Pair

We're so thrilled to be partnering with Melting Point Extractions & iAnthus! Bigger and better than ever, Blissiva is catching wind. Read more about this collaboration from the iAnthus press release>>


A Bigger Footprint

We are stepping up to fill the shoes with the growth spurt we’re having! Are you ready to run with us? Take a look at the mention in the Market Watch on Ladies Want More>>


Not Just Blowing Smoke

That’s right, we’re not just blowing smoke up your a$$. The Balance Pen is paving its way for women all over who need a little less anxiety in their lives. Who doesn’t?!? Watch the full clip on WMBD (CBS) News>>


Naturally, We Expand

With a product like Blissiva, we can’t keep it to ourselves. In order to share The Balance Pen, the next logical step was to spread across the country to other dispensaries. Find out more about that journey in BizWomen: The Business Journals>>


News Travels Fast

Sharing awareness around such an important topic along with a product that can help = pure bliss! Pun intended. Be part of that joy by viewing Blissiva’s snippet on KING-SEA (NBC) King 5 Early Morning News>>


Full Speed Ahead

The Balance Pen shows no signs of fizzling out. Blissiva has the chance to help women, formulated for women, and created by women. Peer in on the coverage by The Daily Record>>


Proud of Our Pen and This Feature

We women experience some unique health challenges, amiright? Hormonal fluctuations in the body & anxiety caused by women wearing a ton of hats can wreak havoc on female’s systems. Blissiva is helping to restore balance. See more from the Good Morning Washington chat>>


Cannabis For the Va Jay Jay

You don’t think we’d leave out Canada, ‘eh? Blissiva went international AGAIN! On this Canadian-based podcast, we discussed how us ladies are PERFECTLY wired to receive all the amazing healing benefits of cannabis. Listen to the Wine, Women, & Weed episode>>


Breakfast of Champions

*Wake up

*Scroll through apple news

* See Blissiva in the headlines

*Champagne with breakfast!

*Celebrate every victory when The Balance Pen gets some recognition and may be able to then reach more women.

Full article from news feed available for consumption via The Baltimore Sun>>


Blissiva Making Headlines

Kicking a$$ and taking names over here while word spreads like wildfire about Blissiva. We couldn’t be more excited about sharing our Maryland-based, female-run business with the Balance Pen with more women who can use a little relief in their lives. Fox 8 covered our Pen and more during Money Matters>


Blissiva Coverage In Australia

What's up, Australia?! As a PROUD Maryland-based business, we're so pumped and honored to see Blissiva making waves down undah!! Not only is our amazing Balance Pen designed especially for women, it’s designed specifically to help relieve the effects of anxiety. We know what it’s like to maintain a full time job, manage kids, drink 8 glasses of water, exercise, look great, and so much more. We also know what’s it like to be biologically hard-wired to have a more prevalent Flight or Fight (or Freeze!) response than our awesome male companions, which is why we created this pen. Read more at Stockhead>>


A Star Is Born

Ok, ok, we aren’t talking about Bradley and Lady Gaga, although we of course loved that too. We’re talking about how The Balance Pen launched in Maryland in October! Thanks, BBJ for the coverage :-D