Our #Lifegoals


To empower women to connect with, heal, and treat their bodies.

We do this by developing cannabis-infused products specifically designed for the anatomy and power of the female body and mind.   


our story is anything but a lot of hot air

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We were best friends and mothers living in Suburbia when medical marijuana was legalized in Maryland. On the surface, we certainly didn’t look like the obvious candidates to start a cannabis business, but our experience had us believe otherwise-- Gina was a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and I was a practicing OBGYN who also owned a med spa. 

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Despite our professional track records, we incurred more than a few eyebrow raises when we opened our dispensary. You see, we wanted to do things differently. We envisioned a clinical, bright, and clean space staffed with nurses, medical professionals, and doctors educating patients who are battling serious diseases about the science of cannabis and safe consumption methods. This vision was inspired by my near 20-year career in traditional medicine, observing the limitations and injustices of healthcare. Despite some well-intentioned warnings about our approach, we opened the dispensary, and I’m proud to say that it continues to flourish as we treat those who are suffering and feeling hopeless.


Day in and day out, women visit our dispensary looking for relief from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, menopause, endometriosis, and insomnia. Given my background as an OBGYN and now a doctor practicing cannabis, I felt compelled to do something more. Gina looked over to me, and as best friends often do, and I just knew we had the same thought: It’s time to use this miracle medicine to create products specifically made for the complexity, beauty, and power of the female body.

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It’s one of over 3,000 babies that I’ve delivered in my career….and I couldn’t be prouder.