Women One of the Fastest Growing Segments of Cannabis Users

Brit + Co. recently published an article covering a survey about cannabis usage that received over 10,000 responses! (gasp!)

Our favorite finding of the survey? That women are one of the fastest growing segments of cannabis users. Here's some interesting findings that we just <3'ed:

  • Of the women surveyed, 78 percent said they also drink alcohol. 86 percent of the female drinkers surveyed said they drink less because of their pot use. A total of 13 percent said they have entirely replaced drinking with smoking weed.
  • Perhaps the most interesting of all the survey findings is the data on why women smoke weed. Overall, the report says that women are tending more and more to use weed as self-care, to reduce stress, and even using it to replace antidepressants and opioids
  • As for antidepressants, 45 percent of women who responded to the survey said they have been prescribed an anti-depressant, with 78 percent of that group saying they’ve lessened their antidepressant use because of weed. 28 percent said they no longer take antidepressants, and just use marijuana instead. 

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Kait LeDonne