Survey Highlights That Women Feel Stigmatized

Part of the reason we founded Blissiva was to break down the stigma around women and cannabis ingestion.

This article in Merry Jane reviews a survey conducted by April Pride, founder of Van der Pop, a cannabis lifestyle and accessory brand geared specifically towards women, is at the forefront of the movement to dissolve the annoying (read: sexist) stigmas associated with female cannabis use.

Van der Pop conducted the survey in partnership with Canadian Viewpoint Inc. that focused on women who had consumed cannabis, or were yet to consume but interested in trying it, to learn more about consumption behavior, general perceptions of the plant, and "forward-looking thoughts and areas of interest." 

Read the findings here.

A few highlights from the article that made us raise our brows:

  •  In total, only 21% of the women who took the survey felt they had a solid understanding of the science behind cannabis.
  • 56% of women feel cannabis is completely effective at addressing their specific issues, medicinal or otherwise, with 93% feeling it's at least somewhat effective.
  •  70% of women surveyed believe cannabis consumption carries a stigma.
  • 72% say they don't want to be judged (in terms of their intelligence and decision-making capabilities)
  • 36% worry that open consumption will come to represent who they are in the eyes of others
Kait LeDonne